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How to tell if an item is Fulfilled by Amazon or Sold by Amazon (to get inexpensive shipping to Israel) FBA/SBA/FBM

Picture of 2nd Temple Model - Avi Parshan

SBA = Sold by Amazon
FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon
FBM = Fulfilled by Merchant

It looks like we now have reasonable priced shipping from Amazon to Israel.
By the looks of it, only certain FBA items qualify for this (around $8 in shipping vs the $40 it was earlier).

You should be looking for Fulfilled by Amazon preferably or Ships from and sold by amazon. As for Ships form a 3rd party, that is up to the seller to decide.

Ships from and sold by by Noctua Cooling Solutions and Fulfilled by Amazon.

And your item should show the shipping cost, like this: (Previously shipping fees were around $40 per order)

Noctua NF-P12 redux-1300 PWM, Quiet Fan, 4-Pin, 1300 RPM (120mm, Grey)

רצינו לשים כמה דגשים על איך זה עובד. בעצם, הצלחנו רק במוצרים מאמזון או FBA - מוצרים שיושבים במחסנים שלהם. יש 2 תמונות למעלה שמציינים איך להבדיל מוצר מחברה חיצונית ממוצר של אמזון, המשלוח במחיר סביר לא יעבוד על מוצרים שלא תחת אחד מהקטגוריות האלו. 
גם לא כל המוצרים של אמזון יהיו עם המשלוח הזול הזה. 

Unfortunately there are items/full categories that don't appear to have inexpensive shipping. In my case, I couldn't find a pack of pencils to ship for under $40. But I was able to find some computer parts that did ship for $8.

מבחינת זמני אספקה צריך לזכור שאמזון עדיין תחת סטטוס קורונה

Here is my order for example:

My amazon order with reasonable shipping
Bonus: How to search for sold by amazon products: Change your address to the US and you will set these options to filter in the top-right corner. Now find which ones amazon sells... then change your address back to Israel to see if it ships here.
בנוס קטן כדי לעזור לכם איך לחפש רק את המוצרים שאמזון עצמם מוכרים...

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