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Holiday Coupon at iHerb for 15% off


Good morning,
We have an iHerb discount just for you
בוקר טוב.
יש לנו הנחה של iHerb במיוחד בשבילכם
... תוקף בארץ עד 4 לינואר 2021...
יש משלוח חינם בהזמנות מעל $60
שימו לב, לא לעבור את ה $75, או תצטרכו לשלם מע"מ.

Just works in Israel and several other countries in the Middle East. Click here to get the coupon automatically applied at checkout -

This ends on January 4th, 2021

Check courier weight here ... unfortunately, if you exceed their weight limit and/or order an item not allowed to ship to Israel, it won't work and you may have to pay VAT

And you still get free shipping on orders greater than $60. Make sure to pay in Dollars to avoid any potential issues with the Tax Authority and try to stay under $75 on the cost of the items themselves. ( has more information on this topic.

And make sure to join us on all of our social media accounts here


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