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What is Osher Ad: Deals, Locations and Hours of Operation

Osher Ad אושר עד is a chain of grocery stores in Israel. It is primarily catered to the חרדי population - Ultra-Orthodox Jews. But, many Anglos that are less religious also shop there... But why? 

Some kirkland nuts found at osher ad

Because, they stock some Costco products from the Kirkland Private Label and sell items in larger quantities as well. Depending on the time you go, they change out their selection. Many people love buying the Kirkland Paper Towel, and Toilet Paper due to the better quality. But we have also spotted Kirkland Natural Peanut Butter, Mixed Nuts, Vanilla Extract, Maple Syrup , Columbian Ground Coffee, and several other staple items. But, you do not need any special membership to shop, just walk in

There have been several main complaints with the chain of stores. 

  1. Not all stores carry the same items. 
  2. There is little to no web/social media presence.
  3. No home delivery or way to order groceries online. 
  4. Which leads us to the issue of finding sales, hours of operation, etc.
  5. There is no phone hotline, but rather individual branch numbers... but they tend not to answer the phone.
  6. And lastly, there is a lack of customer support and marketing material in English or other languages besides Hebrew and Yiddish
These issues deter many potential customers to their business... thankfully, there are plenty of other chains such as Rami Levi, Yesh Chesed, Shaarei Revecha, Victory, Supersol, among others. Some are much cheaper than Osher Ad, but others such as Supersol tend to be quite expensive in comparison. 

We tried to solve at least some of these issues by making a website with some basic crowdsourced information here: . This is by no means perfect, but it's a start. 
In addition, there is a telegram discussion group too!

There was no official source of where all the branches are, but with some help... we found all their 19 location in Israel (they even have in Tel Aviv). And there is one under construction in Kfar Saba

Osher ad branches and hours

While you are at it, come join us on our social media channels for deals and more!


  1. which chains are cheaper than Osher Ad?

    1. It really depends on city... in general rami levi and yesh chesed are decent ... Shaarei Revacha is okay as well


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