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7 Tips (and 3 bonus ones) for buying and shopping online in Israel

7 tips for shopping  online

Each month or so, I will try to be adding more tips and tricks, so be sure to leave questions and future ideas for me to add! 

1) VAT is 17% Tax which is counted on the order cost ($75 and up) and shipping  - more details here. Currently, if your order is below $75 in USD, you will be exempt. In addition, try to set the payment method in Dollars to avoid any surprises (because the exchange rate might change by the time that customs checks your package).   

2) Radio-enabled devices are under strict regulations via the Ministry of Communications. While it is possible to import these products, it's advised against doing so - due to beurocracy and some potential fees and added delay. This also applies to Routers, Modems, and Access Points

3) Eilat is a VAT-Free haven, there are many tech stores and shops here, but be sure to check with them that the item you want is in stock, and see if they can reserve a unit for you. 

4) In Israel, and most of Europe, the standard voltage is 220V at 50Hz. Ensure that any electronics and appliances that you plan on bringing or buying have support for this voltage. Usually, it will say a range from 110-220V or even 240V which will work fine here. Otherwise, it can cause serious damage if it doesn't support it. It is also possible to purchase a transformer to use US appliances in Europe, but it isn't recommended due to price, shortening lifespan of products, and also may cause anything with a motor or timer to malfunction (or move at a different pace).  

5) EMS is a freight service specializing in delivering packages. Unfortunately, members of our group have reported being charged more than anticipated when receiving a package. So avoid if possible

6) Local sellers tend to be less competitive than online sites or stores abroad. It is always worth price checking and trying to bargain down to a more reasonable price

7) Packages from abroad that have arrived at the Tax Authority within 3 days of one another are considered a "single shipment", and therefore they can assess the values of the items and charge you tax on all of them. In many cases, people have been ordering frequently without any issues, but it pays off to be diligent and understand the rules...

Bonus time: 

8) Do not import used bike helmets as the Ministry of Transportation will not let you bring them in. Bike helmets "expire" after a few years and either way it is a good idea to replace them every 5 years at least for maximum safety. In addition, a helmet is only designed to do its job once... if you crash or fall with a helmet, it is advised to replace it as well... as it can only survive an impact hit only so many times. Stay safe and drive/ride your bike responsibly 

9) Make sure to join our group to keep up to date with the latest deals and information 

10) Check out our free shipping filter as well! - for great deals on products you know and love


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