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Simple ways to save money and get discounted movie tickets in Israel!


Movie theater - red seats

We love to help people save money and find deals... With the upcoming movie releases, now is a good time to share some tips specific for movie theaters! Normally regular 2D movie tickets cost around 40 Shekels. The foreign exchanges always change, but as of today, it's around $12.5 USD. Not necessarily cheap, considering you can get a good shawarma for that price... Back in the Midwest united states, we got $5 movie tickets frequently. 

חיילים ושוטרים - Soldiers and Police Officers

  • During שירות חובה or Mandatory service, you can get discounts at many stores and restaurants, but you can also get cheaper tickets at many movie chains by showing your military ID (חוגר) too!
    • Yes Planet has a very cool deal. You can either book online or in person and get discounted tickets, not just for the soldier, but for his/her companion as well! Online, you would enter your Personal Number - מספר אישי under both tickets. You will need to go to the box office and show them the ID to pick up the tickets though. 
    • Cinema City is not nearly as good, but soldiers should get a slightly discounted price both online and in person (for themselves only).
    • There are other chains which I have not frequented, but you can safely assume they have a similar arrangement to Cinema City's. 

  • Some theaters will also offer a slight discount to university students who show their school ID (online or in person).
Credit card holders
  • MAX has פינוקים or redeemable rewards. In my case, every 2000 shekel I spend, I get an additional reward. One of their options is called 1+1. Which translates to "Buy one get one free". It certainly can save you a chunk of money. Right now, it works for Cinema City as well as Hot Cinema. Note that you need to pay as soon as you redeem their offer. 
  • Behatzdeh בהצדעה is a club for released soldiers. On their website, you can "pre-book" discounted ticket vouchers for Cinema City as well as Hot Cinema. It usually costs 19 Shekel for a normal ticket from their website. 
  • Bank Hapoalim doesn't seem to offer any discounts at this time.
  • Cal also offers a 1+1 deal at Cinema City but I do not have the credit card to confirm the terms of service.
  • Once or twice a year, the theaters have a huge deal where they charge 10 Shekels per ticket and still show popular movies. These tend to be packed to the brim (we went one year), and I regretted going, even though it was inexpensive.
  • In addition, there aren't so many movie theaters in this country. So on a Thursday night premiere of a movie, expect some major fanfare, clapping, talking to the screen etc. It certainly is an experience that is worth trying once or twice. 
  • Some companies, such as Cinema City also sell packs of 6 or 10 tickets (for weekdays or weekends) that are discounted because you are buying in bulk. If you love the movie goer experience, it may be worth doing. 

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