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How to pay for public transit in Israel in 2022

The Ministry of Transportation in Israel has been making some incredible advancements in the past few years. Firstly, they have introduced the Rav Kav in 2007 to unify a payment system among several different public transit companies throughout the country. This has made it easier to pay for a bus without using any cash. It is a smart-card that uses NFC and is the size of your standard credit card, so it can fit nicely in your wallet.  Since then, there has been a push to exclusively use cash-free payment options for transit. Only recently, it has been decided that bus drivers in Jerusalem (intra-city) will not be responsible for taking payments upfront or loading Rav Kavs. In its place, there are payment terminals on the bus further away from the driver.  Notably, you can acquire a new Rav Kav via the All-Kav offices closest to you. In addition, you can load and buy anonymous cards via many vendors and stores such as cofix. An anonymous card isn't tied to any individual and can be

Order to watch "I am Groot" episodes and how to stream the show!

  Who doesn't love Groot? The lovable character now has his own show!  How to stream it:  Sign up for a Disney+ account to gain access to all 5 episodes of the show "I am Groot" Here is the order to watch all 5 episodes consecutively: Groot's First Steps  The Little Guy  Groot's Pursuit  Groot Takes a Bath  Magnum Opus If you want to add on, make sure to first watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1,2 and then Thor Love and Thunder before proceeding to watch "I Am Groot"! That order is as follows: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 Groot's First Steps  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 The Little Guy  Groot's Pursuit  Groot Takes a Bath  Magnum Opus Unfortunately, we are not 100% sure where the new Thor movie takes place in this timeline.  Come join   our  deals group  to never miss out on upcoming sales אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים  שלנו - כדי שלא לפספס מבצעים בעתיד

Sunfrost informed the public that they found a mouse in their frozen green beans סנפרוסט מבקשת לעדכן את ציבור הצרכנים כי עקב הימצאות גוף זר (עכבר) שהתגלה בשקית בודדת של שעועית ירוקה עדינה שלמה מוקפאת

 סנפרוסט מבקשת לעדכן את ציבור הצרכנים כי עקב הימצאות גוף זר (עכבר) שהתגלה בשקית בודדת של שעועית ירוקה עדינה שלמה מוקפאת בכשרות בד"צ העדה החרדית ובד"צ בית יוסף ,יתבצע איסוף יזום של המוצרים  סנפרוסט בטלפון 1-800-282844 לצורך קבלת שוברי זיכוי Sunfrost would like to inform the public that due to the presence of a foreign body (mouse) that was discovered in a single bag of  frozen   whole thin green beans (badatz kosher), there will be a proactive recall of the products.  Call Sunfrost (Tnuva) to get a voucher:  1-800-282844 These are the products affected by the recall: Frozen whole delicate/thin green beans (600 grams) Under the Badatz Beit Yosef Kashrut  Barcode 7290000104836 best to use before 07.03.2024 from : 10:59 to 11:36 best to use before 10.03.2024 from : 08:42 until 09:16 best to use before 11.03.2024 From : 01:53 until 02:38 best to use before 10.04.2024 from : 17:38 until 18:09 best to use before 07.08.2024 from : 19:38 to 20:05 best to use before 28.11.2024 from : 1

Will Avigdor Lieberman change the VAT import rules for purchases from abroad (from $75 to $300)?

Jim Mattis - 170307-D-GY869-147, Public Domain,  Is Finance Minister, Avigdor Lieberman about to come out with dramatic news to the consumer public just before the elections? Lieberman instructed the Tax Authority to examine the increase of the VAT exemption ceiling for online shopping from websites abroad for personal imports, which currently stands at $75, to $300. These are dramatic changes that will open up the online shopping market from international websites for private consumers much more widely than what exists today, and it is expected to increase online consumption. Today, buyers from websites abroad are required to pay 17% VAT on every purchase over $75 from international websites.  In his instructions to the Director of the Tax Authority, Eran Yaakov, Lieberman asked to examine whether the move could be carried out differentially in certain industries where there are concentrated markets and excessive prices, and without harming the local industry. Among other things, the

All the latest iHerb coupons and codes קופונים חדשים של iHerb 2022

 New iHerb deal and coupons (last updated July 2022). Free shipping is on orders of 130 NIS or more and usually via BoxIt or Exelot to a store/pickup location of your choice. Home delivery costs more! קופונים חדשים של iHerb (עודכנו לאחרונה ביולי 2022). משלוח חינם הוא בהזמנות של 130 ש"ח ומעלה ובדרך כלל דרך BoxIt או Exelot לחנות/מקום איסוף לבחירתכם. משלוח עד הבית עולה יותר! Get 15% off $50 of iHerb brand products קבל 15% הנחה של $50 על מוצרי המותג iHerb Get 20% off Sports products קבלו 20% הנחה על מוצרי ספורט and 10% off of $60 purchase  ו-10% הנחה על רכישה של $60 10% of your first order (with free shipping on orders over 130 ₪)  10% הנחה על ההזמנה הראשונה!  משלוח בחינם להזמנות מעל ₪130 ! Save 20% on your next purchase of these top

Tips for getting an appointment at the Israel Ministry of Interior for renewing passports and other services

These planes are cool, but won't take you far ;)  We get asked this a lot, how can I renew your Israeli passport and where? In this article, I will answer that question in addition to giving you some useful tips to book slots and save money! Come join   our deals group  to never miss out on upcoming sales אתם מוזמנים להצטרף ל קבוצת דילים  שלנו It's cheaper if you pay ahead of time in the winter than in the summer... I was able to pay in February for a slot, and showed them the confirmation at my appointment in April for the lower rate ! Soldiers, National Service Volunteers, and active reserve duty civilians can get a 50% discount on the cost to renew or get a new passport. If you come in to the office on uniform, they will bring you to the front of the line... but you cannot take your passport photo with your fatigues on, so make sure to bring a backup shirt ;)  Officially, the cutoff date for the prices are paying up to the end of February...and getting a slot before the end