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Free classic books on the Kindle for a limited time - and how to add them to your library

Man reading a book on his kindle

Edit: no longer free but we have more books over here -

 Welcome back to our blog. Today's post is epic... What's better than a great deal? Free stuff...

These books will only be free for a limited time, so add to your library and it will be there forever.

These should work no matter what country you are in (as long as you can shop on Amazon's US Site)

For these Kindle eBooks, make sure to select the kindle version: 

Amazon Cart options for kindle book

and then on the right side, click "Buy Now with 1-click", you'll get an e-mail and it will be added to your kindle library. You can then load it onto your kindle eReader, Fire, android or iphone phone, or read it on your computer even. 
Buy a kindle book on amazon

Here are the books, and make sure to disable ad-block to see the cool widgets as well (Price, Author, Ratings, and Cover Image): 

The Invisible Man (No longer free)
Unfortunately, some of the books have gone back up in cost since the time of posting, so
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