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Free shipping to Israel on an order of less than $49! - If Bezos can afford to go to space, he can ship your package for free

NASA Space Shuttle Launch

Did you know that you can get free shipping to Israel and spend less than the minimum

$49 to be eligible?

Thank you to group member Shalom Shafier for finding this!

We discovered a trick that should help your budget and you spend less on amazon. 

Whether you have a coupon code, or there is a clippable coupon on the item page,

they will both help you to reduce your minimum order for free shipping.

The retail price of the items in your cart will be counted towards the $49 minimum order limit

and not the price after any coupons or discounts. Just note that if you exceed $75 before the coupon/discount value is considered,

you may be liable to pay VAT (Import Tax)

For this example, I added 3 items to cart, 2 of the items (the 2 duvet covers)

have a coupon on the product page while the third product (the candle) is discounted,

however that is only because the seller reduced the price.

(There was no coupon code or clippable coupon on it)

as a result this item will not reduce the shipping minimum..

Don’t forget to tap on the green box to activate it!

The total should be $66.86 but with the coupon, we get the price down to $36.87 

In some cases, you can get away with paying far less than what I did and still have free shipping too! 

Please share this post with friends and family who can take advantage of this little trick we found! 

And consider joining our deals group for more of these posts!


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