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Kosher Food that ship to Israel free! Move fast אוכל כשר שנשלח לארץ בחינם!

Updated: September 21th, 2021 with more food and removed some that no longer ship free. 

Food items that ship free to Israel

Kosher and American food staples are hard to come by in Israel, luckily there are some specialized American and British grocers in Israel, which have some of our favorite foods from back home... But these also remind us of the amazing time we had in the united states... So, we found some food and vitamins items that ship to Israel for free, and don't expect this to last long before they sell out, so move quick on these ones! Most come from 3rd party sellers as well... Check back on this post as we are always adding more!  

אוכל שנשלח לארץ בחינם (בהזמנות מעל 65 דולר). יש להזדרז בגלל שאין הרבה במלאי. 
יש לרענן את הדף פעם או פעמיים ביום בגלל שאנחנו מוסיפים דברים! 

זה מזכיר לנו את הזמנים הטובים שלנו בחו"ל! רוב המוצרים נשלחים על ידו מוכרים צד שלישי ולא ישירות מאמזון. ליד הקישור, רשום את החברת כשרות בארה"ב ואם זה חלבי. 
Many are limited supply so, let us know if they run out...

Snack Food:
Cracker Jack's - OU Dairy חלבי
TRUFRU Choco Cover Coconut - OU Dairy חלבי
Smucker's Sugar Free Preserves with Splenda-Apricot - OU
HERSHEY'S Reese's Peanut Butter, Creamy - OU 
Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread Strawberry - Star K

Sweet Baby Rays Mango Habanero Wing Sauce & Glaze - OU
Tabasco Original Flavor Pepper Sauce - Star K (if it says K on the bottle)
Weber Garlic Sriracha - OU
Christo's Yasou Greek Salad Dressing - OU

Wonderful Pistachios - OU
Emerald Nuts Sriracha Cashews - OU

Health Foods: 
Radish Seeds, 1 Pound — Non-GMO Verified - OU
Spicy Mix of Sprouting Seeds, 1 Pound - Broccoli, Radish, Alfalfa  - OU
Shiloh Farms Organic Quinoa Flakes - Chof K
Italian Solid Light Tuna in Pure Olive Oil - OU
PROBAR - Base Protein Bar - OU
Clif Shot Gel: Razz - OU
Clif Bar Minis Crunchy Peanut Butter 34 Pack Non-GMO - OU Dairy חלבי
Jennies Protein Bar - OU Dairy חלבי
Coconut Secret Coconut Crystals (Sugar substitute)- Star K 
Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - MK
Vegemite - (Kosher Australia if there is a K next to the best buy date)

Drinks (Coffee/Tea/Other): 

Nestle Coffee-Mate (The original) - OU Diary חלבי

Carnation Coffee-Mate Non-Dairy Powder Creamer - OU Diary חלבי

Green Mountain Van Houtte Mexican Coffee K-Cup Portion Pack 24 Count - MK

Baronet Coffee French Dark Roast, 18-Count Coffee Pods - KVH (approved by CRC)

Hostess Brand Single Serve Coffee Pods - OU

Crystal Light - Raspberry Lemonade on the Go - 10 Count Boxes - Circle K


Desserts/Cake Related Items: 
Celebakes Yellow Fondant, 2 Pounds - Circle K
Satin Ice White Buttercream Fondant, 2 Pounds - Circle K
Celebakes by CK Products Meringue Powder - CRC
Wilton Halloween Nonpareils - CRC
Jordan's Skinny Syrups Sugar Free Birthday Cake Syrup - OU
Wilton Christmas X-Mas Icing Color - OU
Wilton Ready-To-Use Icing Tube 4.25 Ounce, Chocolate - OU
Wilton Pink Candy Melts - OU Dairy חלבי
Satin Ice Rolled Fondant - Red - Vanilla 1 kg - Circle K
Wilton Cake & Icing Flavor Kit 3pcs-Coffee, Caramel & Mocha - CRC Dairy חלבי


Kirkland Signature Praline Pecans 2.5lb - OU Dairy 

The Spice Hunter Highland Harvested Saigon Cinnamon - OU
Olde Thompson Malabar Pepper Refill - OU
Herbamare Sea Salt - KSA


Eden Foods Organic Miso Mugi - Circle K

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Many items in the list are also pictured below (and some bonus ones for those of you that scroll to the bottom!) 



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