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How to find the IBAN and SWIFT number for Bank Hapoalim Quickly איך למצוא את מספר ה-IBAN ו-SWIFT של בנק הפועלים במהירות


Bank Hapoalim Logo

Are you a customer of Bank Hapoalim or trying to do a transaction with someone who has an account with them? This guide will help you quickly find the IBAN and SWIFT Code for the bank and your account (more specifically). 

First, click on the settings button on the top of your screen (הגדרות)

bank hapolaim account settings

Next, Scroll down on your settings/profile page and you will see a section like this on the bottom left half of your screen:

The swift code is here: POALILIT, but the IBAN number is personal to you and differs between accounts.
And here you will find all the relevant information to your account. 

The swift code is here: POALILIT, but the IBAN number is personal to you and differs between accounts. 

If you prefer, here is a link which will direct you to your profile and you can proceed form there:

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If you are a customer of: 

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