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Mastercarday Post-Passover 2023 Edition - New and updated promotions!


Mastercarday is tomorrow, due to it being over Passover, they have added and changed the promotions. Please take another look at the discounts and get ready for the 10th of the month!

Please take another look at the mastercard discounts and get ready for the 10th of the month!

These are some of my favorites from their offerings. For the full list, please visit their site linked at the end of the article.


·         Yellow/Paz Gas Station

o   10 for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream via code MASTERCARDAY

§  The fine print:

·         You need to pay via the Yellow App

·         Limited supply

§  My tips:

·         Download and install the app before, in addition to adding your payment method.

·         Amazon

o   10% off your order of $49 or higher, with a maximum discount of 10% via coupon MASTERCARDAY

§  The fine print:

·    The promotion starts at 10 AM and ends at 23:59 or till end of supply (of the coupons).  Additionally all the items need to be delivered to the same address in Israel. Discount doesn’t apply to delivery fees nor taxes (such as VAT)

§  My tips:

·     Prepare your cart, and add your mastercard as the default payment option the night before…then at 10:01 AM, open the site and place your order with the coupon code. These coupons go really quickly

·         I was able to shop via my US mastercard as well, which is convenient

·         Try to ensure that you reach the minimum order limit but not exceed $75 (to avoid paying VAT)

·         Aliexpress

o   $5 discount on purchase of $35 or more via the code MASTERCARDAY

§  The fine print:

·         Limited supply of 2400 coupons. The $35 total does not include shipping or taxes. Promotion ends at 23:59

§  My tips:

·         This is not nearly as popular as the amazon code, but still might run out… it’s still worth preparing your cart, default payment method and putting in your address the night before.

·         KSP 

o   100 discount on purchase of 990 ₪ via code MASTERCARDAY

o   75 discount on purchase of 400  via code MASTERCARDAY

o   The fine print:

§  Starts at 10 AM and ends at 23:59

§  Doesn’t include apple products

§  1 coupon per custom and one purchase only

§  If you reserve products for Eilat, the coupon value will not include VAT

o   My tips:

§  Try to verify which items are actually on sale before purchasing.

·         iHerb

o   10% off purchase of $60 or more via code MASTERCARDAY, don’t forget to use our code KCH375 as well for an additional discount

§  The fine print:

·         Works with other coupons

·         It may not work with every item on their site

·         Limited number of coupons available

·         Discount only applies to the value of the item and not import fees nor shipping cost

·         Doesn’t apply to PayPal

§  My tips:

·         Get your cart ready in advanced and try to ensure that you reach the minimum order limit but not exceed $75 (to avoid paying VAT)

Full list in Hebrew -רשימה מלאה בעברית




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