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Tips and tricks to save time at the pharmacy in Israel

These two tricks have saved me lots of time at the pharmacy waiting for prescriptions to be fulfilled and be serviced. In this tutorial, I will be using מאוחדת, which is one of the major health care providers in Israel. 

pharmacy in israel

Most of the information will be similar for other health care providers (קופות חולים), with some slight variations. 

2 Tips for those with Meuchedet: 

1. You can book an appointment for the pharmacy... show up and swipe your card to skip the line

2. You can check via the app for which medications are in stock at which pharmacy... this helps a lot for when they have shortages of adhd meds

Watch our video to figure out how! 

If you use the pharmacy of your healthcare provider, many medications will be provided with a discount once you swipe your membership cards!

For other healthcare providers: 

Superpharm has their own booking site:



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