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Electronics that support 220v for Israel and the EU - Database


Electronics that support 220v for Israel - Database
Electronics that support 220v for Israel and the EU - Database

Update: we are always adding more options, so please check back weekly!

Note that not all items may ship free, since this is more of a database of products that we've checked rather than specific deals. 

I have been wanting to do this for a long time... Instead of searching on amazon for electronics that support 220v, and not getting your answer... I decided to make my own database of products that work within the 220v range.

This is just getting started. I will open this up to public submissions starting with members of our Deals Group and then maybe turn this into a side-project. 

I'd love your feedback, to improve this and make it even better ;) 

Note that any product that charges over USB should be fine and work everywhere. If something is not 220v, you can still use it in Europe, but you should get a step-down transformer (consult an electrician). Note that in the US, they use 110v at 60Hz, and Israel uses 220v at 50Hz, so motors move at a slightly different speed.

 But if you buy appliances from the UK, they will work fine elsewhere in Europe but you may need a little adapter to change the plug head to fit in the wall socket. An international travel adapter will do just that perfectly fine. 

Make sure to order only the products that have a green check and say 220V, otherwise, you'd need a transformer. 

האם זה נתמך ב V220? מה שרשום בצד שמאל בירוק יעבוד בארץ וגם רשום 220V


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