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How to get free webhosting and compute time

Have a developer project and want to try to host it or run it for free? There are some great solutions for small side-projects! 

Python web-server generated by dalle
Python web-server generated by dalle

How does this fall into the topic and subject matter of this blog, you may ask... Well, this is a way to save money and run or improve your business at the same time! 

Some programming required: 

 Github & Gitlab Pages

- Both platforms are git-based and provide a solution for static webpage hosting free of charge

Cloudflare Pages

- Newer product for hosting front-end sites but also has advanced functions and workers

Github Actions

- You can run actions (or event based code) for free as well... 

Gitlab CI/CD

- Run deployment tasks on schedule


- Can be combined with github or gitlab for example, will run your code and also offer some dynamic functionality 


- Similar platform to Netlify - hosting various web projects


- Can run python code and python-hosted backends for websites... The free plan is a bit limited but works well enough for most use cases and projects

Google Collaboratory 

- Can run python code in a jupyter notebook on google's servers... You can even use their GPU resources too! 

No-Code Solutions:

These options work great for hosting websites with no programming required!




Google Sites



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