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How does the aliexpress return policy work?

How does the aliexpress return policy work?

How does the aliexpress return policy work?

You first need to file a dispute (My Orders -> then click on the item that you want to chose -> click Open Dispute). Next, you can chose to request a certain dollar value for the return, you can even request a full return. In addition, you can chose whether to keep the item or return it. 

The seller has a few days to either decline, make a counter offer, or accept your proposition. 

If the seller declines or makes a counter offer, Aliexpress steps in and based on evidence decides who to side with. 

I have had several cases where the seller wouldn't budge on a partial refund but thankfully aliexpress sided with me and granted the request!

This is why it's best to gather "evidence" such as product images, screenshots, photos and videos of the item that is faulty... and make sure to upload it when you file the dispute and it also gives you a text box where you can verbally describe the issue. 

Next time you place an order, try to go with products that say "Free Returns" as it certainly will help your case! (Can return within 15 days of getting and confirming that you received the items).

You can read more about their policies here

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