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Over 90,000 Marvel Insider Reward Points as of 6/30/2023

 Marvel Insiders is a rewards and loyalty program for fans of the MCU and marvel comics. 

You need to be in the US (or use a vpn to the US) to use it. If you do not already have an account, you can join here

Usually, prior to new movie and tv show releases they have some fun merchandise and apparel which you can redeem using your points. They send products to US addresses only, so send to a friend or family member. Alternatively, you can use the points for digital content such as digital comic books, wallpapers, etc. 

Avengers Assemble

Here are some ways to get extra points, they add new content and remove old ones about twice a week as well. These are relevant and working as of 6/30/2023

This Week in Marvel June 30th podcast code for 5,000 points is: PRIDE

Code valid until 7/7/23 11:59PM ET.

Code for digital comics (free), which also give you bonus points!

Go to: LATEST AT MARVEL and find the corresponding tiles, then you click them to enter each code 

  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Captain Marvel
    • Apply code: CV17
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel
    • Apply code: KJ37
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Rise of the Black Panther
    • Apply code: PL79
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Thor
    • Apply code: GZ20
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Iron Man
    • Apply code: UW82
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Hulk
    • Apply code: DT99
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Avengers
    • Apply code: HF81
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Avengers 1963
    • Apply code: AJ93
  • Marvel Super Hero Day: Amazing Spider-Man
    • Apply code: VM82

    Additionally, there are some more comics which have to do with Secret Invasion, try these codes too! 

    Go to, then paste in these codes (in bold)





    Additional points can be found via: Activities (in addition to looking at the other tabs)
    • Marvel's Pull List: Quote of the Week June 27th (+500 Marvel Insider Points)
      • This is a team book now?
    • How well do you know these characters? (+500 Marvel Insider Points)
      • What is Black Cat's superpower? Bad luck aura
      • Where is Gwenpool originally from? Earth-TRN565
      • Which hero, introduced in 'Marvel's Voices: Pride' #1 (2021), has the ability to control dreams? Somnus
      • Where does Web-Weaver work? Van Dyne
      • What is Aaron Fischer's alias? Captain America of the Railways
      • Which group is Shela Sexton, AKA Escapade, a part of? New Mutants
      • Who is Daken's father? Wolverine
    • Various +250 Points Journey/Video/Podcasts/Articles and more when you click on the other tabs 

    And they have giveaways and raffles, normally you need to use points but they offer a free alternate entry via this link for the X-Men Vol. 1 1963-1966 Book Giveaway.

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