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Fake Kosher Symbol - Keto Products being marked with an (OK) Circle K symbol - Not actually kosher nor certified by the OK

Super important, some companies are using the OK (Circle with a K) Kashrut symbol to denote a product is KETO friendly (not necessarily kosher), this applies to buying products online or in store... Hopefully, OK can pursue legal action against these companies, please be aware and spread the news! 

If you don't know what the OK and Kashrut is or what Keto is, I appended some useful information towards the end of this article. 

Recipe Ready not kosher bone brothHere is the Official Logo of the OK Certification (on the left) vs the offending product on the right. OK Kosher

The product (Recipe Ready Instant Organic Chicken Bone Broth Packets) is still for sale on Walmart among other retailers. 
Here is a zoomed in version for better comparison: 

Recipe Ready Chicken Broth

What is the OK and what does it mean to be Kosher (in a gist)?

The OK is a well-regarded organization that certifies and supervises many products and ensures they are meting the standards of being Kosher (not mixing meat and milk, proper slaughtering of animals, checking for bugs in produce, etc.). The list goes on, but those are some of the more well-known requirements. Many Jews are reliant on the OK in addition to several other organizations to ensure that the food the eat and serve is permitted by Jewish Law. 

Why is their symbol so important?

It is quite easy to spot their symbol (or another Kosher Certification's one) on many packaging and it gives myself (in addition to many other Jews) the peace of mind that a product is in fact Kosher. Essentially, they take the weight off of our shoulders when they do the certification and due diligence... so we can walk into most grocery stores and find at least a few products that are Kosher Certified.  

What is Keto? 

Ketogenic (or Keto for short) Products have become quite popular in the past few years. They are products which contain high amount of fats and proteins (and low amounts of carbs) which fit into this popular dieting and health trend. This diet has been proven to aid with epilepsy in children, and took off in popularity for the general public in the early 2000's. Since then, more celebrities have adopted this diet and since the pandemic it has ever increased. 

Note: Please consult your doctor before considering this diet as it is largely unsustainable and can cause health and medical issues

Please read and spread this information to your local Jewish communities in the US and Abroad to avoid the confusion. In addition, if you are on the Keto diet, you should also know that OK just certifies that a product is Kosher... it has nothing to do with being Keto-Friendly (even though it may be indirectly). 

You can search for products and brands in their database 

Read their original article

And reach out to them if you have found some products that use their symbol without certification here: [email protected]

full list of more kosher foods:

Do you think that the logos are too similar?  Share your thoughts on our group: 


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