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New Sunfrost recall - Found a snake, snail, and bird in their green beans

Recently, Sunfrost has had some of their products recalled for finding a mouse, snake, snail, and even a bird in various products. Thankfully, the press has been notified and Tnuva (the parent company) has issued yet another recall. 

Snail shell found in sunfrost products

⚠️ Notice to consumers on expanding as a precautionary measure of the resurgence of Sunfrost bean products ⚠️

Sunfrost apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the consumer, and requests to update that the initial return of all bean products will be carried out in regular Kosher and Kosher BDZ the ultra-Orthodox community from the points of sale starting tomorrow 23.08.22.

The company says that the decision to expand the collection of products was made out of responsibility and out of caution towards customers.

The bean products to be collected are as per the list below according to the barcode printed on the package from all expiry dates (preferable to use before) until 17.2.2025 inclusive.

Bag of frozen sunfrost beans

◾ Whole green beans, 800 g, regular kosher, barcode 7290000104683

◾️Sliced green beans 800 grams, regular kosher, barcode 7290000104720

◾ Delicate green beans, 600 g, regular kosher, barcode 7290000104836

◾️Sliced yellow beans, 800 g, regular kosher, barcode 7290000104737

◾ Delicate yellow beans, 600 g, regular kosher, barcode 7290000107677

◾️ Whole green beans, 700 gr, Kosher Badatz the Orthodox Community Barcode 7290000103518

◾️ Sliced green beans, 700 gr, Kosher BDTZ the Haredi community, Barcode 7290000103501

◾ Thin green beans, 600 gr, Kosher BDTZ the ultra-Orthodox community, Barcode 7290000100975

◾️ Whole green beans, 1.8 kg, Kosher BDTZ the Haredi community, Barcode 7290018400838

◾️ Sliced green beans, 1.8 kg, Kosher BDTZ the Haredi community, Barcode 7290018400043

The Health Ministry also announced a recall of frozen Broccoli and Cauliflower and 'Seasonal Mix' from the Telefrost company. The recall is on the 800 gram packets:

Broccoli: Barcode 7290015089975. Best before dates 21/4/21 to 21/4/23.

Cauliflower: Barcode 7290015089494. Best before dates 16/05/21 to 01/01/24.

Seasonal Mix (carrots, beans, peas & corn): Barcode 7290084477222. Best before dates 13/07/2022 to 01/04/24 

Sunfrost invites all consumers holding products with the above barcodes, not to consume them and contact the Sunfrost Consumer Service Hotline starting tomorrow at 1800282844 or online: [email protected] for accepting credit vouchers.

Original article here

Viewer discretion is advised, here are some of the findings: 

Part of a snake found in sunfrost products

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